Monday, 15 March 2010


at last a sunny weekend! We journeyed out for breakfast, poached eggs on sourdough toast and freshly baked croissant. We bought eggs to blow for easter, red cabbage to dye them with, and some flowers from the farmer's market. Mother's day was tinged with sadness as it was my husband's first without his mother, I underestimated how sad he would be, so as a penance cleaned the bathroom, whilst he took flowers to her grave! Sometimes I can be really selfish and a really bad wife.


  1. grief is a bitch that changes all the time.
    the first mothers days and birthdays and Christmases for me were horrid.
    but i spent sunday chilling out on my own, vaguely aware that it was mothers day.

    and honey if i was gay i would totally want you as my wife. our house would be so pretty.


  2. Oh Sas - you have got such a gift to make people smile and feel better! If I could bottle you and take you twice daily I would! Emma x

  3. That last sentence on your post is so not true. You are juggling so many things (and all brilliantly). You're an inspirational Mummy/lady to many of us so you mustn't beat yourself up for not being perfect. Selfish is definitely the last word I'd use to describe you, Mrs Bradshaw!


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