Monday, 29 March 2010

nature club: frog spawn

Do you remember drawing the frog life cycle as a child at school? I do, and we are lucky enough to have a jar full at home for some really close study. It is not advisable to remove spawn from a pond, but we have been able to as we are moving some to the school pond which has no frogs in, and hasn't for the last few years. It is also not a good idea to move things from one pond to another in case you spread disease. The ponds in question however, are close to each other, and the school one has been empty for a few years of any frogs, toads or newts, so it seems that any amphibians are not going to stumble across it on their own! It is estimated that the UK has lost over 70% of its ponds between 1880 and 1980 and the species that call a pond their home, have suffered similar losses.

We are closely watching the small black dots in their jelly balls, to see what happens over the next couple of weeks and draw what we see. Once they become tadpoles with little legs, we will release them into the pond and hope that they survive to grow into big frogs.


  1. I love this picture.
    We've been watching the stream by our house for little froggy signs of spring.

  2. crikey that took me right back to when I was a small chocolategirl:
    we always had a jar of tads on the kitchen windowsill:
    scooped from the park around the corner:
    sadly it's been filled ~ health and safety has a lot to answer for eh?
    *we released them back to their home when their legs appeared

  3. Frog Spawn...a big childhood memory of mine, we used to rescue spawn from small streams on the farm that were drying up! Thats when we had drier spring & summer days!! Enjoy watching them grow!


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