Friday, 19 March 2010


Sometimes I wonder what life holds in store for our little family. Our daily lives continue as normal, but we yearn for something more, a dream that seems to be out of our reach, the cottage by the sea, more time to spend with our children, or simply to be rid of the huge financial burdens that are resting so heavily on our shoulders right now. We had hoped that each month there would be a little left to save and that things would stop going wrong at home, like the garage roof that needs replacing, the inevitable new car as the old one is getting more expensive to fix and bathroom that needs doing. It is making life seem like a grind, like we are treading water and going nowhere. It really makes me worry about the future.


  1. Every time we've had cause to worry about the future - and there have been plenty of times - things have worked out OK. And our worrying made little to no difference. It'll be OK.

  2. dont worry things will work out. i keep thinking when things calm down I will be able to have more time with the children and finish reading the current parenting book or make dress up clothes for them etc...(the list is endless) but things never do calm down?! jen


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