Friday, 26 February 2010

hob nobbing...

hobnob [ˈhɒbˌnɒb]
vb -nobs, -nobbing, -nobbed (intr; often foll by with)
1. to socialize or talk informally
2. Obsolete to drink (with)
[from hob or nob to drink to one another in turns, hence, to be familiar, ultimately from Old English habban to have + nabban not to have]

Last night I went to the opening of the latest Toast store in Cheltenham. The evening was a collaboration with Hobbs House Bakery, a local artisan bakery, who are a supplier to their tiny tea room {tables pictured above}. There was an exhibition of curio's and projected images, between rails of the new 2010 Toast clothing range and a wall with framed slices of bread! The walls of the store had been stripped back to reveal the rough plaster finish, which reminded me of Jamie's restaurant in Bath. With champagne and local apple juice flowing, and canapes made with lovely bread, the evening finished with some 'live' entertainment in the form of a small play, which was delicious and very quirky!


  1. oh i am so envious! i have been swimming in the latest catalog, all travelly and in shades of blue.

    we must go hobnob together there next time i come, deal?


  2. that sounds like a good night out


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