Sunday, 9 August 2009

the riverbank...

it was my turn to organise our wedding anniversary celebrations this year, after Pete did such a good job last year. I took him to a secluded spot of riverbank where we used to court, all those years ago! We talked without interruption and enjoyed the peace, we ate a picnic, we swam wild in the shallow river, lay and watched the air balloons in the sky whilst the sun beat down on us and listened to the sounds of buzzards mewing and the river flowing by. We stayed until the sun set and it started to get cold, it was a truly magical night. Thanks grandma for babysitting!

Plus I managed to cross off numbers 4, 20 & 22 off the list!


  1. Almost too much loveliness! Almost. xx

  2. Lovely, lovely, lovely. What a perfect day. Em x

  3. the picture is magical...
    much like your day sounds :)

  4. that's a gorgeous photo of you and your day sounds perfect!


  5. Happy Anniversary. you picked a beautiful place to celebrate in peace.


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