Friday, 24 July 2009


my mum gave me some old frames she found in her attic, for me to use for my pictures. They belonged to my grandma and are pictures of her sister, Agnes {pictured above} and her wedding back in the 1940's. My mum lost her parents far too early in life and although she grew up in a large family, most didn't have children, my great, great grandmother, at 90 outlived all of her 11 children and only one of those children had children of their own, such was the curse of TB!

They are such beautiful pictures and it would be sacrilege for me to remove them from their frames after 60 years. They meant something to my grandma, who would of displayed them proudly in her home, as I am now going to do in my home. She would of looked with love at her sister who moved so far away from her in the war. The sister she trusted to look after her daughter, my mum, when she had TB in the 1950's and my mum who bravely went to a new house, new school, in another country (well Wales) all on her own without seeing her own mother for two whole years! 

These might be pictures of strangers to me, but I feel a responsibility to preserve their memory and pass on their stories to my children. It makes me sad when I go into antique shops, car boot sales and charity shops to see medals and pictures, things that are so precious and shouldn't be sold. It will certainly make me think twice about buying a picture frame with a picture already in it in the future, who is the person inside and where are their family? 

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