Thursday, 9 July 2009

goodness through your letterbox...

I have just had my first delivery from graze, a health food company that delivers fruit, nuts and seeds in little boxes through the door! I know, a little extravagant and I can certainly buy the ingredients separately for a lot less, but somehow I don't. I don't like the taste of nuts and bulk bags of seeds in health food shops and supermarkets scare me! I buy the odd bag of dried apricots and pumpkin seeds but after a few minutes of munching I get bored and need the instant gratification of biscuits or cake! So with my new healthy attitude I have signed up for a weekly delivery, of fruit and seeds. You can specify what you do and don't like and even include olives in the delivery too. I am delighted with my first box, with a large portion of grapes, a mix called apple strudel {dried apple, dried apricot & dried cranberries} and also a granola seed mix. 

I think when you are eating healthily or dieting, a little treat goes a long way and this has certainly made healthy eating a little more fun! If you want to try a box for just £1 visit and enter the code FHK4VCLB to receive a little box of healthy eating through your letterbox. 


  1. Hi Emma, I've come to your blog through Dorset Cereals; I've voted for you, and I've also put in my order for a Graze box. I agree, it is indulgent, but I love the idea of getting a surprise every week, and some of the mixes they're offering seem a little too unusual for my local health food shop (they're not that adventurous round here...) I'll put a link to your blog on mine, I look forward to reading more.

  2. Thank you for the code. I recieved a box this morning. Very tasty and ideal for nibbling at my desk. I normally try to make something like this for myself but some mornings it's just too hard!
    I might treat myself to one every now and then maybe when ever I reach a target at the gym to keep myself motivated instead of a big chocolate bar!


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