Thursday, 30 July 2009

needles & nimble fingers...

Wednesday evenings are now craft nights, spent with girls I have met through a local Steiner Parent & Toddler group. Time spent crafting and chatting, drinking iced tea and eating something yummy! The others are very productive compared to me, and I watch with wonder as pieces of wool are turned into little pieces of art, with nimble fingers and a needle during the evening. I really enjoy it, having a few hours to myself, being with others who enjoy making things as much as I do, chatting and laughing as girls do when they get together. The hobby horse that I am making is coming along too, slowly but steadily and with lots of help! 


  1. oh how i wish i could come along to your crafty night. i am promising myself that i'll make that hobby horse. how are you going with it?

  2. Going really well Jodi, I attached the ears last night, now I just have to do the forelocks (is that the right spelling? - I am not very horsey) and then the stick, then I'm done and ready to test! I think you should have a go ~ they seem just so popular with children. I have found a few other homemade ones here...

  3. How lovely to have a crafty circle of friends. I've tried knit and natters but seems I can't do the two things at once, so the knitting suffers!

    Can't wait to see the finished horse!


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