Monday, 27 July 2009

blackcurrant cordial...

We have made some homemade blackcurrant cordial over the weekend, it is so good and tastes loads better than any shop bought cordial. Here's our recipe...

1) Put fruit in bowl and crush with wooden spoon
2) Add about half pint water to each pound of fruit.
3) Cook slowly, crushing occasionally with spoon.
4) Strain through sieve.
5) Add one pound sugar to each pint juice.
6) Cool, and store in sterilized bottles, in the fridge.
7) Add hot or cold water when you want to drink it.
It will store safely for about 2 weeks if kept in the fridge.


  1. Sounds very tasty. We went for a long walk this weekend and I was very excited to find all the fruits coming out in already. The blackberries are not quite ripe enough to collect but what was there was great for a snack as we strolled along. I noticed too that Elderberries are just about coming out, I want to make the most of them this year after the failure yet again of my elderflower champagne, one year I'll get it right!

  2. This isn't anything to do with cordial but I saw this tray from your wishlist and thought I'd show it to you - I really like it but if I buy anymore camping paraphenalia Jamie might get cross with me!

  3. I love the atmosphere in this photograph - beautiful recipe as well. Your blog is very lovely. Thanks for sharing!


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