Sunday, 21 June 2009

how far would you go...

to follow your dream? I have found the most beautiful barn with planning permission granted for conversion into a three bedroom house. It sits in almost an acre of land and is quite remote. I have fallen in love. Already I am picturing the children playing in front of it, tree houses, chickens, tea on the lawn, bunting, a vegetable garden and a dog! 

We have never done anything like this before, let lone taking on a HUGE project in a recession ~ but recession favours those at the bottom of the property ladder as our house devalues proportionally less than more expensive ones, making it possible to step up. 

BUT we have lived in or around our village all of our lives, our children have friends, we have neighbours {some lovely who take in parcels for us when we are not here - some complain about the parking!}, we are within walking distance of the school, Dr's surgery, bus route, playing field, post office. I watch TV programmes of people doing similar things and I think they are mad and often quite selfish to put their children and family through the stress. 

So do we throw caution to the wind and chase this dream? Or should we play safe when we have a perfectly adequate home for our needs?  


  1. Weigh up the pro's and con's of it thoroughly and if there are more con's than pro's...go for it! A dream is a dream, and they only come around a few times in life.

    Have you thought about going the TV route and Kevin McCloud and Grand Designs? I have a friend of a friend who did and they got a *lot* of help with the project they would never have had access to and it made the difference between doing it and not.

  2. Oh my Lord Emma, you must must must follow your dreams, no matter how big or small; it's what makes us human, a dream can keep you going through the dark times as well as the good.


  3. it sounds like one of those glorious only-to-be-dreamed-of-dreams! you have absolutely nothing to lose - what is the worst that can happen? you stay in your lovely home that suits you perfectly now :)

  4. Do it! Life is short!

    I can't wait to see photos of your adventure!

  5. We made the leap and moved away from family and friends to follow a rural dream. Bought the proverbial rundown farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. It's not perfect, sure, we miss friends, family, good schools and all those things you mention.

    But do we regret moving? Not for a second!

  6. Follow your dreams, but make sure it's the dream you want, I'd say..
    Not meaning to be cryptic, but I think it's important to know that you are sure you can cope with the negatives of living in a remote place (like being much much more dependant on the car, not having as easy an access to a neighbourly network, doing a lot (a lot!!) of ferrying of children around, etc.). If you do, go for it!!! It looks absolutely beautiful..

  7. Everyone who appears on Grand Designs seems to have a baby so make sure you don't suffer from the McCloud effect if you contact them!!
    It would be a bold move if you are happy and contented with your home and village, but imagine how you might feel in a few years time if you didn't go for it. Wishing you had and kicking yourself for missing it or loving the life you already have.
    I'd love to sell up and move somewhere rural/near the sea but I'm not brave enough at the moment.

  8. certainly sounds like a wonderful dream - I can definitely understand the attraction, particularly the picture you paint of children playing, tea on the lawn etc.

    But (killjoy alert) - would it really mean a lot of extra time in the car - particularly as the children grow older and want to do afterschool activities, see friends etc - if it's a lifetime home, how will they feel as teenagers stuck in the middle of no-where - or how will you feel having to turn out at midnight or later to pick them up each weekend because there's no other parents to lift share with ? (I realise I've no idea where you are so that might not be the case, but it's just something to consider). Would you mind having to drive everytime you go to school or need a pint of milk, want to go to the park etc ? If these things don't phase you,then definitely go for it, otherwise it might be better just being a dream (or a dream to follow through once the children are all grown up) Looks like lots to think about! Hope you don't mind my saying all this rather than being 100% supportive

  9. Oh how thrilling DO IT x

  10. go for it, emma! it sounds sublime. xo

  11. How ironic - I want to tell you to follow your dreams, however that answers my own question. I too am going though almost exactly the same dilemma. We want to move but it means pulling up the only roots I have ever had in my life. I'm comfortable where I live now but I don't think that's a good thing, I need some adventure and to push the boundaries. I went out for dinner with a very dear friend last night who I have not seen in 10 years, I found myself telling him my whole idea for my new life and I know it's the right thing to do, but it's so hard to take that leap especially when spending money is concerned. I grew up moving around a lot and as far as children are concerned I think it a fabulous thing to try new things, meet new people, it's made me a more confident person.
    I look forward to reading your 'tales from the cottage', and wish you luck in what ever you choose to do.

  12. Thank you all so so much for your honest opinions, I take great strength from your enthusiasm but also your very wise words which I really do need to hear. We have arranged a viewing on Wednesday and are taking a very honest builder friend with us to give us realistic advice. The barn is in a very expensive and desirable property location so I am sure it will attract cash buyers and developers or even go to auction, so it may not work out for us, but we will certainly find out more and I will let you know... Emma x


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