Sunday, 28 June 2009

capturing the moments...

I have now added most of the pictures of our holiday here, so many good times and I am so glad I managed to capture most of them! The thing about digital photography is that I rarely get the photos printed out and have hundreds, no thousands, stored on a computer! I rarely go back and edit them and when I do I find it really hard to delete them, such is the curse of digital photography. I sometimes also tire of the fact you can instantly check to see what your picture looks like and if you are not happy with it take it again ~ I recently saw a mum sing 'happy birthday' five times and had her children sing and blow out the candles just to get the 'perfect' shot! I guess this is why I juggle different camera's for different occasions and actually love the imperfections that film photography gives you, the blur, the shake, but always always the moment ~ never recreated! 

After the last couple of holiday's I have made some photo books, to capture these really special family times and I am really pleased with them. They offer a great alternative to having the photo's printed out and sticking them in photo albums and although a little pricey, have a really great professional finish. I am going to try to find the time to make 'year books' for the boys and give them as gifts to the grandma's at Christmas too. 

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  1. great idea, and it just looks like the perfect holiday too. Especially since starting blogging, I find I've hundreds of photos on the computer, but they are rarely looked at - must add that to my never ending to do list!


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