Tuesday, 9 June 2009

the bell tent appreciation society...

I have been getting quite a few emails and comments from bell tent admirers, owners and those looking for bell tent advice. I hadn't realised there were so many of you out there. I think it is about time that we join together and form the 'bell tent appreciation society', unofficially of course ~ although I do remember a childhood spent forming secret clubs with passwords, codes and membership cards, so I may just yet get my crayons out!

Of course to mark this historic moment in time I have created a flickr group called 'life under canvas' so that we can post pictures of our beautiful canvas tents and camping adventures! So here's to the beginning of a long hot summer packed with many days under canvas...!


  1. I look forward to adding my photos.
    Although I do feel that in order to be a member of a society, unofficial or otherwise, I may require a button badge!

  2. Count me in. My attempt at a blog has been a non starter as yet so I look forward to posting my bell tent pictures, it might inspire me to do more.

    Here's to long summers under canvas, Real Canvas.

  3. with the gorgeous photos you've been showing you really could quite easily convert me to this whole camping malarky - it's looks idyllic!

    Am now reliving happy memories of my childhood secret societies - those really were the days!

  4. hi lucylisle, tamara and julie

    Julie I think you should definately invest in a bell tent! Especially living in Devon with all those wonderful campsites to choose from. Who knows I may even make some button badges for us to wear too!

    emma x

  5. COunt us in too. We bought a Bell Tent last year and had our first camping holiday. We all loved it, We have one big enough to fit us as parents and 6 children. Got great comments from fellow campers, we where lucky to have 3 weeks of beautiful weather though. Cant wait for the to get it up again soon !

  6. Hi Emma, everybody

    We are looking to buy a bell tent but would like to see one in person as we are in disagreement whether to buy a 3m or 4m. Does anybody know of anywhere in the north west or is anybody camping anywhere in the northwest over the next few months?

    Thanks, John

  7. I boughts a red bell bell tens with zipped in ground sheetfrom this website www.boutiquecamping.com
    They do them in 4 different colours, very cool ;-)

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  9. Hi, I am bell tent obsessive!

    Have started a blog with them all in it (3,4,5,6m list goes on!)

    Hope you enjoy it!

    My blog!


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