Wednesday, 6 May 2009

travelling in a VW Camper Van with a family...

1. Plan your first night and book your campsite ahead. Since camping has become trendy again, campsites can get very busy in school holidays and may require a minimum number of nights stay. If you have read about it in a book or newspaper so have hundreds of others. The best campsites we have found, we have just chanced upon! 
2. We had to drive three hours to collect Betty, before driving off again to the coast, so remember your journey is in two parts and children need an exercise or food break. 
3. Space is limited, take essentials only, so you can enjoy your space. We hired an awning to put the children's car seats in and our bags, although it was a bit of a faff to put up!
4. Don't take loads of food with you, make planning your meals part of the holiday and buy fresh local produce. Remember some areas rely on tourism, so for you to take food with you effects the local economy. Buy from farm shops and local produce where you can and support local businesses. 
5. Give children a bag so that they can choose what toys, games and books they take. Mine usually have pencils, a book to draw in, a sleepy time toy and a couple of books each. We also take some balls and bucket and spade too! I usually buy the small boxes of breakfast cereal as with a bit of masking tape, they are often turned into works of art! 
6. Make a mix tape/CD with cool driving tunes to sing along to. 
7. Take sleeping bags and pillows, they work best for sleeping in. 
8. Wave/flash/salute ALL other camper vans ~ you are part of the 'club'. If you don't they will know you are hiring it! This is part of the fun and cause of much excitement as you see another one! 
9. Look down your nose at modern, large caravans, equipped with TV and microwaves - they just don't get it!


  1. wow sounds like a great adventure and a great time had by all.thanks for sharing it with the blog world

  2. I have noticed when we have booked or tried to book campsites this year how full they are. I better book a few more before all the spaces are gone!

  3. I love your family travels in the VW! My husband has a 1974 that he's had since college and still drives, it still has the sink and everything!

    How do your carseats fit in there? I have a four year old and a new baby on the way, and we haven't attempted installing car seats in there yet.

  4. Oh, you're living my dream! One of my life goals is to get a classic VW camper van and use it!

  5. great advice, and sounds like the recipe for a perfect holiday x

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